The latest Bebe Rexha’s single, “Sabotage”, left fans wondering about the inspiration behind it. The artist admits that Eminem’s collaboration with Rihanna was behind the idea of her new song.

Admittedly, not all fan inquiries were kind, as many insinuated that Bebe plagiarised Gabbie Hanna’s 2018 single “Monster”. A couple of side by side screengrabs were supposed to provide evidence. However, even after a short glance, any Eminem fan would recognise that both of them referred to a much more famous visual source: Eminem’s “Love The Way You Lie”.

Indeed, Bebe mentioned that exact inspiration when she addressed the insinuations with a still from that legendary video with Eminem and Rihanna:

Gonna be completely honest I never heard of her. But now I will listen to her music. Great minds think alike. My ACTUAL inspo was love the way you lie. 🖤

Bebe Rexha is actually being humble here. Theoretically, she could imply that the other artist plagiarised Eminem’s number-one US Billboard Hot 100 hit with Rihanna “The Monster”. You know, “The Monster” that Bebe Rexha is credited on as a co-writer.

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