Co-founder and member of legendary hip hop group Cypress Hill shares his list of the Top 5 most skillful storytellers.

B-Real, who has been challenging his audience with such provocative questions as “Who would you share your last joint on earth with?” or “What song pisses you off immediately when you hear it?”, asked another potentially divisive question:

Who are your top 5 story tellers in Hip Hop? Slick Rick, Ice Cube, Biggie, KRS1 and Eminem on mine!

However, the veteran artist specified the context: it is not about commercial success, it is not about technical skills, it is about the ability to take listeners on a journey and make them feel connected to a story. Maybe that helped to avoid slaughter in replies, even when people disagreed with somebody else’s list. And it was nice to see Eminem on the majority of them.

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