Dr. Dre and Eminem 1999

Comedian Kevin Hart has been hosting the Hart to Heart show for a while now, challenging his celebrity guests to a deep conversation. Dr. Dre proved to be a guest who easily rises to this challenge.

Kevin offered a theory that Dr. Dre’s success is so lasting because of his ability to find new talents and attach himself to their careers. The Good Doctor did not particularly liked the wording:

It’s not about attaching, Kevin. I don’t like that word. It’s about collaborating. Collaborating with some of the smartest motherfuckers and the most talented motherfuckers that ever stepped in studio.

Explaining how he was able to find thee talents Dr. Dre

The only person that I ever heard on a demo tape that I really liked and fucked with in the studio was Eminem. Everything else is the word of mouth. It’s exactly what you said, “Oh, you gotta hear this guy. Hey, you got to hear this guy named Snoop”. Okay, brought him in the studio and he started rapping. He didn’t even understand a song structure on anything like that. I think DOC taught him to do that shit. It just happened like that.

But for Dre, he says, the possibility of a long term relationship is a very important aspect when choosing a new artist to work with:

That’s why I’m going into it. Okay, we’re going to make this music, and hopefully this is a stepping stone to a fucking fantastic relationship moving forward. Not just with the music. We can talk about life, we can talk about relationships, we can talks about our kids or whatever. That’s what I look for.

Watch the video below:

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