Soon Eminem will round the number of his songs with 100 million streams up to 65.

Three songs from his catalogue are approaching the milestone: “Normal” and “Stepping Stone” from 2018’s “Kamikaze” and “Kings Never Die” that was released as a single for the “Southpaw” soundtrack.

“Normal” is a clear favourite in this race with 99.7 million streams. The collaboration with Gwen Stefany “Kings Never Die” follows closely with 99.6 million streams. “Stepping Stone” has gained over 99.1 million streams only recently, so this song will be probably the last to break into the 100 million streams club. But when it does, it will be Marshall’s 65th song to do so (all credits).

Hopefully, it won’t take too long, especially if fans pay more attention to the songs and stream them right now.

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