Eminem ft. 50 Cent - Pure power on stage in desert 🐐 (Multicam, Updated version)
Pure power on stage in desert 🐐

Fifty subjected himself to a lie detector test, and questions about Eminem did not make him flinch.

The Vanity Fair lie detector test puts celebrities on a hot spot with uncomfortable questions to see how they react. If producers thought that interrogating 50 Cent about Eminem would throw him off, they miscalculated how cool Fifty is with Em.

So, to the question of whether Fiddy bothered with the fact that Eminem does not follow him back on Instagram, the G-Unit rapper responded:

No. He is the biggest rap artist in the world. He does not have to follow anyone. I follow him because I want to keep up with what he’s doing.

According to lie detector readings, 50 Cent believed in every word he said here.

The producer pressed on and inquired if Fifty wished Em had followed him. The answer was perfect, as it also reminded that 50 Cent does not need any quasi-social relationship with Marshall, they are just friends, and they can talk without social media:

No. He texts me personally.

Watch the video below: