Another round number on Eminem’s Spotify history. Eminem’s following has reached 44 million.

The precise number is 44,007,584 followers on the day of publication. However, this has not changed the fifth position Marshall occupies on the list of the most followed artists. He is the highest following act that started in the 20th century and the second most followed rapper on the platform.

Most Followed Artists on Spotify:

1. Ed Sheeran 79,5 million
2. Ariana Grande 62,1 million
3. Drake 54,5 million
4. Justin Bieber 45,2 million
5. Eminem 44 million
6. Billie Eilish 42,6 million
7. Rihanna 42,5 million
8. Taylor Swift 39,2 million
9. Imagine Dragons 33,9 million
10. Queen 33,9 million

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