Marshall hits a new peak in monthly listeners on Spotify with 58.8 million users.

The number of listeners spinning Eminem’s music on Spotify grows steadily. Em broke his own post-Super Bowl record recently, but it looks like he has been just warming up.

While getting more and more traction, Em remained the 13th most listened-to artist on the streaming platform recently. However, he finally managed to overtake Coldplay and occupy the No.12 position on this ranking. It is evident from his Spotify page.

Mind you, this ranking only pays attention to current streams, received over 30 recent days. In terms of lifetime total streams Marshall remains the 8 in the world with a total of 35.8 billion streams.

The irony here is that the insane popularity of “Mockingbird” and “Superman” on TikTok boosts Em’s streaming performance. It must hurt those who keep saying that Marshall’s music is irrelevant and outdated.