Eminem Talks About Relationship With LL Cool J in New Documentary

Eminem has been reigning supreme on YouTube this year, remaining the most-viewed hip hop artist on the platform and one of the most-viewed artists of all genres.

Throughout 2023, Eminem’s YouTube channel has gained over 3.5 billion views, starting the year with 25 billion views and finishing it with 28.5 billion. Mind you, these are only views coming from his official YouTube channel, without features posted on the lead artists’ channels and fan-made videos.

These numbers result from Eminem’s consistently relevant video catalogue and the growing interest in his music discovered by a new generation.

For instance, on pre-Christmas week, the latest that has data available, Eminem is listed as No. 1, the most viewed artist in the United Kingdom.

Eminem was No.7 in the US on the same week, with over 25 million views amassed over that time. Drake and Young BoyNBA chart higher than him in the country, but their advantage goes away quietly when we look at the global charts.

There, Eminem remains the undisputed hip hop champion, being the most-watched rapper around the world. He is No.17 across all genres, the highest charting position for a hip hop artist internationally. Drake is ranked at No.42 on the Global chart, and YoungBoy has not even made it to the Top100 there.

So, with almost 4 million new subscribers (from 54.5 in January 2023 to 58.5 in December 2023) and over 3.5 billion new views, Eminem remains the most popular rap artist on the platform and hasn’t lost momentum without releasing a new album since 2020.

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