Eminem's “Without Me” Has Surpassed 800M Views on YouTube

Marshall’s legendary “Without Me” video has surpassed 1.9 billion YouTube views, officially dethroning “Not Afraid” as his second most-watched video on the platform.

This is a significant achievement for “Without Me.” The 2002 masterpiece, directed by Joseph Kahn, continues to attract audiences with its witty humour, iconic imagery, and, of course, Eminem’s razor-sharp rhymes.

Here’s the new view count breakdown:

1. “Love The Way You Lie” feat. Rihanna — Still holding strong at the top with 2.78 billion views.
2. “Without Me” — Now boasting 1.9 billion views.
3. “Not Afraid” — Slipping to third place, but still a fan favourite with 1.85 billion views.

“Without Me” perfectly encapsulates Eminem’s early career: cheeky, hilarious, and lyrically unmatched. The video’s outlandish scenarios, with Eminem downing multiple personas, dragging his opponents and providing a spotlight to his D12 mates, perfectly complement the song’s themes and his sarcastic confidence.

This milestone shows that even after all these years, “Without Me” continues to resonate with old and new fans, bringing more and more people to Shady’s table.

Watch Eminem — “Without Me” below:

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