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A cryptic message from Eminem on Shade45 has fans buzzing with speculation.

Termanology, the rapper and producer holding the booth at Eminem’s Shade45 radio station, recently shared a snippet of a conversation with Slim Shady himself.

An Instagram video lets us hear Termanology asking Em to give a shoutout to D-Stroy, returning to Shade45 with his new show “CTRL ALT DSTROY”. Classic Shady shines through as Em delivers a signature greeting:

D-Stroy, this is Eminem. Welcome to our station. Suck it. What else would there be to say?

This short exchange has fans buzzing for two reasons. First, Eminem’s signature humour and bluntness are on full display, reminding everyone of his unique style. Also, the snippet feels like part of a larger conversation. Could this be a tease for a full-blown interview with Marshall on Shade45?

It’s no secret that Eminem is more comfortable with his own crew than the traditional music press. Shade45 offers a platform where he feels at ease, potentially making it the most likely venue for a future interview.

With a new album potentially on the horizon, fans are hungry for more Eminem content. While this snippet doesn’t confirm a full interview, it does offer a glimmer of hope. At the end of the day, even a classic Shady greeting is better than nothing, right?

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