[Video] Eminem Arrives at Super Bowl Halftime Show Rehearsals

Halfway through March, numbers are in that show what artists are most popular in 2023 so far. And Eminem is all the way up there, in the Top 10.

Marshall marked 1.3 billion streams of the year a couple of weeks ago. Since then, he brought his score up to over 1.5 billion Spotify plays and made it to the Top 10 of the artists with the most streams so far.

The list, published by Spotify Daily Data (not affiliated with the streaming platform) looks as follows:

1. Taylor Swift — 3.57 billion
2. Bad Bunny — 3.54 billion
3. The Weeknd — 3.19 billion
4. Drake — 2.46 billion
5. SZA — 2.09 billion
6. Feid — 1.66 billion
7. 21 Savage — 1.64 billion
8. Shakira — 1.55 billion
9. BTS — 1.53 billion
10. Eminem — 1.52 billion

If nobody listens to Eminem, where are all the other artists people listen to?

Marshall’s fans mostly listen to “The Eminem Show” nowadays, adding almost 5 million streams to its count daily:

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