Canadian rapper Tom McDonald found himself in the middle of controversy but stood his ground. While some thought that he dissed Eminem on his recent tracks, he claimed to exercise his right to be critical towards those who inspired him.

In the conversation with the host Michael McCrudden of Before They Were Famous, Tom McDonald talked about being “cancelled” on the Internet after his track “Fake Woke”:

I think that Eminem is such a prolific character in hip-hop, and rightfully so, but his fanbase is just so blinded by fandom. I’ve owned every album that guy ever put out with the exception of whatever, the last few years. But when I was a kid that was my go-to, I was so much inspired. I wouldn’t be here right now without Eminem. But just because Eminem inspired me and Eminem’s the greatest of all time, does not make him immune to criticism — and that’s how his fans feel. So just mentioning his name in the song — it started a whirlwind of shit.

Watch the video below:

Full Interview:

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