One of the most innovative rappers of her generation once again reasserted her respect for Marshall, seemingly unprompted.

Tierra Helena Whack (real name, no gimmick) recently spent some time on Twitter sharing wisdom. She dropped such gems as “most people who start the conversation off with “peace and love” be coming with drama and hate..” and “and let me just say this…. not every hairstyle has to be teased”.

But what really hit the nerve was her tweet about Eminem:

Eminem still the best rapper ever whether you can relate to him or not!

This tweet received the most feedback and also the most pushback from her followers. It will remain a mystery why people feel the urge to convince artists why their taste is off, but it won’t bother Tierra, who then followed with: I’m actually never in the mood to argue…”.

Her opinion, while seemingly coming from the blue, is not new. She praised Eminem in a similar tweet two years ago, putting him in her Top 5. Nothing has changed since, honestly.

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