The G-Unit rapper does not forgive and does not forget. You can tell after listening to his new track with DJ Kayslay.

As usual, the Compton MC namedrops as many celebrities on this track as humanly possible. He might even break his own record on this one. Nobody is safe, from Dr. Dre to Kim Kardashian (again!) to Lil Durk to 6ix9ine to Jay-Z. However, his fellow G-Unit artists occupy a special place on the track.

First of all, The Game once again reminds the public that he is open to the idea of going at 50 Cent on Verzuz. He expects to be paid in hard cash though, and even names the price:

Puffin’ on a blunt of gas just to talk about a Verzuz with 50, tell
Swizzy, “I need a hundred, cash”
Winter comin’ fast, niggas gotta eat though

In the same verse, The Game mentions other G-Units members: Young Buck and Lloyd Banks, whose recent album “The Course Of The Inevitable” Game co-signs here:

Can’t see me now, couldn’t see me with Young Buck and them
Shoutout to Lloyd Banks, album go hard, nigga
Tell Curtis to give you one of them bulletproof cars
You supposed to do your squad like Yo Gotti do ’em
Therefore it’s still the Unit long as I can still move ’em

Listen to the song below: