Marshall’s most streamed studio album has met a new milestone on the platform.

With over 5.8 billion lifetimes streams, “The Eminem Show” remains the 50th most streamed album of all time across all genres and the 10th most streamed rap album.

Released in 2002, “The Eminem Show” enjoys its popularity for over 20 years, adding new generations of listeners to its dedicated fanbase. Considered to be Em’s undisputed classic lyrically and musically, TES is also one of the most commercially successful projects of all time. Having sold 284,000 copies in its first day and 1,322,000 copies in the first week, it was both the best selling album of 2002 in the US and the best selling album worldwide of 2002. Until today it holds the record of being the best selling hip hop album in music history.

Listen to the album below:

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