A cybersecurity company revealed which artists cyberattackers use as bait more often. Eminem is among the top 3 and the only rapper besides Drake in the Top 10.

Popular internet searches are also the most infected with the links to malicious software that aims to steal, modify, disable, or destroy information through unauthorised access to computer systems.

Surfshark demonstrates which pop culture search terms are the most dangerous to search online. The company analysed the most popular search terms and how many URLs with potential malware were included in search results and ranked them from the most dangerous down.

In this ranking, Robert de Niro becomes the most dangerous actor to search for, “Finding Dory” is named the most dangerous movie to search for online, and Mortal Kombat 11 is the game that brings the most infected links as a result of a search query.

In music, Billie Eilish, The Weeknd and Eminem are the three most dangerous names. Justin Bieber and ArianaGrande follow them, with Drake ranked at No.7. As Surfshark put it in the report: “Musicians with younger fans, who are perhaps a little less clued-up on internet safety and more likely to click on malicious downloads links, may be particularly dangerous to search for”.

It is a convoluted way to measure the artist’s popularity but to see Eminem among those “musicians with younger fans” only proves that the appeal of his music transcends generations.

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