When ‘Stan’ dropped in 2000 it became one of Eminem’s most enduring hits. There’s a big difference, however, between a great track and one with real cultural impact. ‘Stan’ was both and the word quickly went into common use. It may have taken 17 years but the word has gained official recognition, Eminem credits and all.

Following last night SNL skit inspired by Eminem’s visuals for his “The Marshall Mathers LP” single, the original “Stan” returns to iTunes and Apple Music US charts.

The massive impact “Stan” has had on modern culture is undeniable. This story changed the English dictionary and gave generations of people the reflection on the new type of para-social relationship cultivated and exploited by the entertainment industry. It also gave us iconic imagery, easily recognisable by anybody in any corner of the world even 20 years after it was revealed to the public.

Watch the video below:

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