Eminem x Snoop Dogg From The D 2 The LBC 2022, photo by Jeremy Deputat

DJ Whoo Kid has recently sat down with Snoop, and the two talked about Eminem’s latest single, “Houdini”.

When Whoo Kid asked Snoop about “Houdini,” Snoop Dogg started singing the chorus “…Abra-abracadabra..” and said:

“Houdini, you know, what do Houdini do? The ni**a disappear and come back. Ain’t that what Em do? He’s a magician. Ni**a, you ain’t even know that. Who do you think Houdini was? Ni–a that made airplanes? “Abracadabra, Abraabracadabra”, I wanna reach out and grab ya. That s–t bang. Shout out to Slim Shady. Welcome back, back to the block, dawg. Bring some more real hip-hop back. You know what I’m talking about? Detroit! Aye, Mom’s Spaghetti got some bomb a-s food, too, cuz. Send me some. That garlic bread.”

Snoop Dogg Sings “Houdini” and Shouts Out Eminem in New Interview
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