Snoop Dogg called Fifty a legend and admitted that he learned a lot from the New York rapper.

Fifty did not hesitate to shout out back to Snoop and proudly share the extract from the interview where Snoop talks about 50 Cent:

When you diversify your portfolio… Fifty’s gonna be a legend in rap forever. His records, his music, his movies, the shit he did – it just has changed the whole game. He ran New York for a minute and put this New York spirit back in the game. He did that. He figured that shit out. I’m a student. I’m trying to learn from him.

Fifty shared this video with a caption:

@snoopdogg that shit you just said means way more than a 🏆award to me.

Snoop recently had a chance to study Fifty also in his producer’s hat, as 50 Cent cast the rap legend for his TV hit show “Black Mafia Family” set in Detroit.