Akon’s iconic 2006 single, “Smack That”, featuring Eminem, has earned a significant milestone for the song, reaching 900 million streams on Spotify.

The song remains Akon’s most streamed track and Eminem’s most streamed feature. However, for Eminem, “Smack That” is the 12th song to reach this streaming benchmark on the platform and the third in line to hit the 1 billion streams threshold.

Released as the lead single from Akon’s “Konvicted” album, “Smack That” transcended the boundaries of simply a catchy collaboration. Eminem not only delivered a signature verse but also stepped behind the scenes, donning the hats of producer, recording engineer, mixing engineer, and programmer. This multifaceted involvement further cements the song’s legacy as a testament to both artists’ talents.

The impact of “Smack That” extends beyond Spotify, with its accompanying music video garnering a staggering 1.18 billion views on YouTube. This cross-platform success solidifies the song’s enduring presence in pop culture.

Watch Akon — “Smack That” (Official Music Video) ft. Eminem below:

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