The wrestler, previously known as Paige, knows how to fight and how to hype herself up for a serious battle. Here is a whole Eminem catalogue, including side projects, at her fingertips.

This British girl first got the taste of wrestling even before she was born, when her pregnant mother fought in the ring. The fight is in her veins. So having finished her fighting career as Paige in the WWE due to her neck injury, she didn’t stop. Under her government name Saraya she joined the WWE’s main competition, All Elite Wrestling, in September 2022. Saraya has already won her first fight since 2017 in AEW.

Recently, she sat down with DJ Whoo Kid to talk about her career, family and influences. And it has appeared that Saraya is quite a hip hop head.

Answering Whoo’s question about the music that would help her to get into the zone, Saraya proclaimed enthusiastically:

I love Eminem!

The choice of her favourite song might surprise you. It is a “Scary Movie” by Bad Meets Evil. It was just the second song from the creative partnership of Eminem with Royce da 5’9. DJ Whoo Kid proudly informed his guests that he was the one to leak it.

You can listen to the whole Saraya episode of the Whoo’s House podcast on most streaming platforms.

Watch the video below:

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