Renown MC breaks down Eminem’s verse on Kid Cudi’s collaboration to show how Marshall’s style works.

During the recent interview with Da R Star, Royce helped Reginald to analyse Eminem’s bars from “The Adventures Of Moon Man and Slim Shady”. The interviewer had been questioning some rhyming choices on Marshall’s verse so the perspective of Royce who is not only a highly respected wordsmith himself but also has some insights in how Eminem works on his text, was helpful.

The question that bugged Reggie was about these lines:

So if it’s God you believe in
Bob your head and just nod in agreement
They say time’s undefeated
I’ma be the first one who can beat it

Why is it “the one” when “the guy” sounds like a better option? That was Reginald’s question and Royce gave his qualified commentary while disagreeing with the statement that there is a universally better match. He thinks that for Eminem this would be way too straightforward and would not reflect his style. He explained:

When I was breaking that down, and it was just me kind of putting myself in Marshall’s shoes, if it were me – the only time that I would break a syllable scheme that way is when I make the executive decision that it has to be my words. It can’t be for the sake of connecting the syllable scheme. Every point that I’m making has to be genuine to me. So if it’s not, if I’m not using a word the same way that I would use it, let’s say, in a conversation or in context… That’s just not Marshall, to me that’s not Marshall’s signature. “The first guy who could beat” – he doesn’t attack the mic that way. “I’ma be the first guuuuy who can beat it” – that’s not even his rhythm. That’s a whole different thing. But “one who can beat it”- I think it connects to something. Yeah, “undefeated”.

One thing that Marshall is a master at is a pronunciation. I’m sure it’s fucking perfect. I’m sure the pronunciation is perfect to where it just fits. He can get by you like that. If it’s not somebody like yourself who’s super sharp and it sticks out to you, that line just to sneak right by you, because I didn’t notice.

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