Chicago rapper came up with the unconventional list of Top 8 lyricists who he currently rates higher than himself in the game.

His list included the names that are not often mentioned in similar exercises alongside often referenced Eminem and Jay-Z. So, Lupe Fiasco’s list goes as follows:

Aesop Rock
Mickey Factz
Black Thought
Homeboy Sandman
King Los
Royce da 5’9”

He continued the topic with positioning himself in relation to this list and bragging about his own abilities:

I am not better than any of these people on this list.
If YOU are not on this list… I will lyrically walk through the walls in your house while using your own style to do it… and yes my nigga that includes YOU…

It does look like aggressive vague-posting so to nobody’s surprise, both tweets were deleted soon. However, the Internet keeps the receipts: