A former manager of Death Row Records, Reggie Wright Jr. was interviewed by bomb1st and was asked about his opinion on Suge Knight, claiming the only 2Pac album that flopped was “Loyal To The Game”, produced by Eminem.

Suge Knight’s point was that Pac’s legacy was undeniable and that the projects that were released after his death, with vocals dug up from his vault of unreleased shit, were successful. The only unsuccessful project, as compared to Pac’s usual sales, was the one produced by Eminem.

Responding with his thoughts on this, Reggie Wright Jr. said he doesn’t consider Eminem helming that project was a bad idea. Because Eminem was the hottest hip-hop act of Early 2000s to mid 2000s, it was probably the right choice.

However, Reggie does think that Marshall is not necessarily known as a producer, and he had a different style and a different flow than Pac had. From that standpoint, Eminem just being an artist doesn’t give him the credibility to manage a project like Pac’s album.

However, Reggie said that he would have also taken the chance and given the project to Eminem just because of the effect it would have. He thinks that if you had gotten a percentage of Em’s fans to follow over to Tupac’s fan base, then that would mean a great deal. Eminem is to this day, one of the greatest selling artists, not even beaten by the likes of Drake, so him capturing the attention of his fans on that album was not such a bad decision from Interscope Records.

What do you think? Was Loyal To The Game meant to be produced by Marshall, or should the label have gone with another producer?

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