Numbers do not lie even if they contradict your opinion. There are might be a lot of disappointed fans, but there are only three rappers who top the list.

At least, according to Rap Caviar, self-identified as “the most influential playlist in hip-hop”. Moving towards the 50th anniversary of hip hop, they introduced an illustrated list of most streamed rappers on the platform.

Our celebration of Hip-Hop’s 50th anniversary continues with the Top 50 Most Streamed Rappers on Spotify

Unlike, who keep constantly updating their own Most streamed artists on Spotify supported by actual streaming numbers, Rap Caviar do not provide any data on which they based their ranking.

So it is difficult to explain why Kanye West with 29 billion streams in the books and two songs in the Billion Club, is ranked No.3,while Post Malone, who has over 33 billion streams on Spotify and 10 songs with over 1 billion streams is not included on the Rap Caviar list at all. Did staffers acidentally skipped the line on a spreadsheet or somebody exiled Posty from hip hop when we looked away?

Still, whatever is behind this drama, it doesn’t concern us much, as it does not affect Marshall’s ranking on this list at all. Eminem, whose career spans four decades and whose music is adored by people from all generations, is up there, on top, just next to a fenomenal streaming juggernaut from Canada. By the way, Eminem hit the milestone of 40 billion combined streams just last week.

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