There is speculation circulating that Eminem is planning to embark on a tour in Australia later this year.

During a call to 104.7 Triple M on Tuesday, an anonymous individual disclosed that they received this exciting information from a source affiliated with Ticketek Australia.

According to the caller, Eminem is anticipated to perform at Adelaide Oval, a venue with a capacity of approximately 53,000 attendees.

The caller asserted:

I’ve heard that a major artist is scheduled to visit our city by the end of the year, and it’s none other than Eminem. A friend of mine let it slip, who has connections with Ticketek.

As per the disclosure, discussions are currently underway between Ticketek and Adelaide Oval to finalize the arrangements for the concert venue, Daily Mail Australia reports.

If these rumors turn out to be true, this would mark Eminem’s return to Australia after his highly successful concerts in 2019. His previous shows drew massive crowds and received widespread acclaim. Eminem has a remarkable track record when it comes to filling venues in Australia. In 2019, his concerts consistently sold out, the one of them, the Melbourne Cricket Ground, setting a personal record and hosting the biggest number of viewers, almost 81,000.

The immense demand for Em’s live performances has only become stronger after the years of the COVID-19 pandemic. If the rumors of his upcoming tour in Australia materialise, it is highly likely that tickets will be in high demand, and fans will eagerly anticipate the opportunity to witness Eminem’s unparalleled talent on stage once again.

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