PHresher, a tenacious rapper from Brooklyn has had the biggest outreach of his career on the “Chloraseptic” Remix with Eminem and 2Chainz released in 2018. He still treasures the memory of making that joint.

Phresher sat down with Zo to talk about his career and life philosophy. One of the early questions Zo asked him was one about the best days of his life. Phresher, who is very family oriented, named the day his son was born the best day in his personal life. The best day of his professional life he considers to be the call from Eminem inviting him to jump on the “Chloraseptic” Remix.

Musicwise, the best day of my life is clearly that Eminem call. Because it was more than money. Eminem is the guy I looked up to. Favourite rapper? Hay-Z and Eminem, all day, anybody can tell you. So, to get a call from your favourite rapper and he wants you on the album?.. That’s not real, bro, that’s surreal. That’s not supposed to happen. “Call me Marshall”… What?!..It was crazy. That was not real, Then performing with him at the Governors ball. And then he was rapping my shit! You can go and look at that. Him rapping my shit and ad-libbing live on my shit — this is not normal! I’m a kid from Brooklyn, he’s from Detroit, we are not supposed to link like that. That’s crazy, man.

It was indeed a very impressive performance, which you can watch below:

Watch Phresher on the Conversations With Zo podcast:

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