Detroit rapper and producer Payroll Giovanni reacted to the comment of his fellow Detroit MC Icewear Izzo that Eminem has to get engaged with the local scene more.

It’s been over two years since Vezzo said in his interview with The Hip Hop Lab:

I don’t know nobody that [Eminem] ever reached out to show any type of love to.

It was a continuation of a conversation that started after Tee Grizzley lost a possibility of a feature with Eminem because of a disrespect to Em he showed earlier. The back and forth between Royce, who influenced this decision, and some of the young rappers was going on for a hot minute but now it seemed to be in the past.

Not exactly, because Adam22 decided to shake the dust off this topic in his conversation with Payroll Giovanni, who released a new album titled “Ghost Mode” a month ago. Having listened to Adam’s take on this story, Giovanni showed respect to Marshall but also demonstrated that he knows where Vezzo is coming from:

I fucked with Eminem growing up. He had everybody proud. Like, damn, he’s from the D! He was going, he was Dr. Dre! I ain’t looking at it like he’s supposed to put us on. But I get what [Vezzo]’s saying, like, hop on a song or something like that, acknowledge us. I think they just twisted his words. I think people just want to be acknowledged by Em, like, “I see you”. That would mean a lot. But I don’t feel like he owes.

However Royce tried to moderate the situation by offering his support to any young rapper from the D, seems like the equilibrium would never be there. Everybody understands that Eminem doesn’t owe a co-sign to anybody, but everybody still wants it.

Watch the segment below:

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