The leaked version of Conway the Machine collaboration with Eminem on “Bang” revealed some harsh words thrown the direction of P Diddy’s company Revolt. It did not take long for them to answer.

On his verse, Eminem implied that the company and, by extension, people affiliated with it, do not follow their threats that it comes to an open confrontation.

Yeah, shout to Puffy Combs, but fuck Revolt
Y’all are like a fucked up remote
Now I get it why our button’s broke
‘Cause you press him but he don’t do nothing though
‘Specially when it comes to punches thrown

And while he separated Diddy from Revolt with “but”, the way Puff Daddy responded to Eminem challenges so far is known and it can be described as “avoidance”. Has it changed much now?

Revolt TV interrupted their social media feed focused on reflecting on Black Lives Matter movement with a straightforward message: “Fuck you too Eminem”. While sentiment is apparent, the execution remains at the beginner’s level. You would expect something more inventive from a media and production hip hop company. However, Eminem scrapped this verse so he did not want any response from them whatsover. If you want to see inventive and funny look at comments on this tread:

BANG: Full Original Version

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