One by one, the rapper Benzino tried to rope into his beef with Eminem and came out to shut him down.

Benzino namedropped almost the entire 20-year-long Shady Records roster on his recent diss track. Only to see how they react to his shout-out, either with a verbal rebuke or with diss tracks of their own. One of the recent additions to this lineup is Obie Trice, a Detroit rapper who immortalised his name on the “Without Me” intro. By the way, that was Eminem’s decision to sample this snippet from Obie’s then-unreleased debut single, “Rap Name”, to promote his artist on no less than a lead single to the astonishingly popular album “The Eminem Show”, which is now included in the Top 50 most streamed albums of all time.

Anyway, Benzino’s diss has a line referring to two albums, “Cheers” and “Second Round’s On Me”, Obie released on Shady Records before leaving the label:

Heard from Obie Trice only twice

Now, Benzino had a chance to hear from Obie again. The Detroit rapper watched the Drink Champs episode, where Benzino got very drunk very quickly. He kept bringing Eminem up into the conversation absolutely unprompted and then had a public meltdown, saying, “I don’t have nothing against Eminem. I don’t want to talk about it no more. I don’t hate Eminem. I don’t know him to hate. I don’t hate white people. I’m tired of this sh-t man. It’s too much. All I’ve ever want is to meet the dude.. He later took his words back, as he always does, and confirmed and he is firmly on his path of self-destruction, beefing against Em.

Anyway, Obie saw that trainwreck of an episode and shared a still from the night on his Instagram account, sending a message to Benzino:

Marshall needs no help please stop you talking bout my champ 🐐 nigga you weird ..look at this guy he’s in between blessings 🙏🏾 LEAVE EMINEM ALONE FOO .. I pray for humankind this nigga cried on @drinkchamps what?? 👀 there’s no beef no one cares bro get money 💰 LIVE!! FOR YOU benzino Fuck @eminem you will never win bro whhhossahh …as a black man you playing ya self “Crying” we destroyed you years ago LET IT GO!! I hope the best for @benzinoislegendary_ you said my name in your song bro man it wasn’t eye brow raising you reaching for what Og?? .. get to the Money!! I looked up to the source magazine I grew up off that sir!! Go back and listen stubborn ole man we took you out years ago you thought dawg was a wigger 👀 I would have never been there bro PLEASE STOP YOU EMBARRASSING OUR CULTURE BRA ITS REALLY NOT THAT SERIOUS TO BE HONEST.. this not Elton John we will never respect what you said bout that man’s daughter bruh gets some therapy that shit works💪🏾💯.. if you engage keep going homie

Some strong point are made, do you agree?

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