Marshall’s heartfelt ballad “Mockingbird” has just surpassed 1.6 Billion streams on Spotify.

This achievement makes “Mockingbird” Eminem’s 5th song to earn this milestone on the platform.

That’s some serious streaming power for a song that wasn’t even a planned single!

While “Mockingbird” held the title of Eminem’s most streamed song on Spotify for over a year, “Without Me” reclaimed the top spot in November 2023. But don’t count “Mockingbird” out! It’s still pulling in a massive 1.3 million streams daily, hot on the heels of “Without Me” with its 500,000 daily lead.

What is even more important is that “Mockingbird” continues to be a song that touches hearts and brings in new fans every day.

Listen to “Mockingbird” on the album below:

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