What We Learned From Eminem’s Facebook Q & A

The idea of chatting with Marshal while listening to iconic “The Marshal Mathers LP” to celebrate 20 years since its release was brilliant. Only the conversation was difficult to follow when thousands of people are involved.

Marshal himself had some tough time following the endless flow of love confessions, invitations, shout outs and genuine questions. As a real pro he adopted a manner to quote a question he was answering but it also made him clip his answers to the shortest possible.

Here is the collection of all Eminem’s messages on this chat:

Stan: Em You got snare for me??
Eminem: Yes I do

Stan: Favorite verse…
Eminem: 2nd verse to I’m back

Stan: where’s Ken ?
Eminem: ehhhhhhhhhhhhh Connecticut. I’m back..kinda

Stan: How many songs did you record for MMLP that did not make the final album?
Eminem: 1or 2 didn’t make it

Stan: Favorite batman
Eminem: …bale

Stan: Will you ever shave the beard…
Eminem: Why ?

Stan: Favorite song…
Eminem: FACK!
Stan: Fack is a lyrical masterpiece…
Eminem: I KNOW

Stan: What show have u been watching during quaraintine?
Eminem: Accused

Stan: In an interview you said that the first take of Stan was messed up by the engineer, how was it better than the one we have today?
Eminem: It just sounded better to me

Stan: when r u coming to Dubai??
Eminem: i was just there

Stan: favorite beat I produced.
Eminem: runnin’ tupac and biggie

Stan: favorite actor.
Eminem: denzel, mark wahlberg, or stallone, or pacino

Eminem: thank you for understanding

Stan: Favorite boxer.
Eminem: Roy Jones Jr.

Stan: Favourite 50 Cent album?
Eminem: get rich

Stan: have you ever written a song while being naked…
Eminem: every single one

Stan: favorite ufc fighter.
Eminem: not at the moment, but have been watching it more lately

Stan: How did you come up with the idea of FACK?
Eminem: drugs

Stan: favorite cereal…
Eminem: raisin bran crunch

Stan: Favourite video game…
Eminem: donkey kong

Stan: Did your mom actually make you Valium Spinach?
Eminem: long standing family recipe

Stan: Which rap album is your favorite at the moment?
Eminem: young m.a. red flu

Stan: Is this lagging chat pissing you off to?
Eminem: definitely making things tough

Stan: Have you ever done Stan in accent?
Eminem: at every single rehearsal..drives Skylay crazy

Stan: what’s your favorite sport….
Eminem: football and boxing

Stan: Who do you want to collaborate with the most that you already haven’t made a song with?
Eminem: 3 stacks

Stan: Is ken inspired by a real person that you met?
Eminem: not really…no

Stan: The Sopranos or The wire?
Eminem: wire

Stan: Favourite track from Music To Be Murdered By?
Eminem: Godzilla

Eminem: a lot of questions about my salsa ???
Stan: 🙂

Stan: how long do I spend writing each day?
Eminem: sometimes all day

Stan: em do you remember of suce mes boules?
Eminem: how could I forget

Stan: Who’s your favorite South Park character?
Eminem: cartman

Stan: How much can you bench?
Eminem: do you even lift

Stan: who inspired you most as an MC?
Eminem: kool g…ll. treach..redman..tupac…a ton

Stan: Shout to Mike Strange for helping make your shit sound incredible.
Eminem: Not mentioned enough. nice try Mike

Stan: most underrated rapper?
Eminem: kxng crook

Stan: Do you watch stranger things?
Eminem: yes

Stan: what is your favorite 50 cent song?
Eminem: places to go

Stan: What happened to your childhood house?
Eminem: got burned down

Stan: Is Paul with you right now?
Eminem: no

Eminem: paul is in quarantine stupid
Stan: 🙂

Stan: Favorite Detroit Lion of all time?
Eminem: Barry

Stan: Favorite avenger…
Eminem: hulk

Stan: Fav 2pac song?
Eminem: straight ballin’ …..all of them

Stan: Do you still write by pen?
Eminem: yes

Stan: EM what is one of your go-to BEASTIE BOYS songs??
Eminem: rhymin’ and stealin’

Eminem: gotta go…..thanks for stopping by

Eminem MMLP20 Live Chat: All Answers

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