Eminem Vs Machine Gun Kelly (DISS 2018 Not Alike / Rap Devil)

Machine Gun Kelly’s back at it, reigniting the flames of his old feud with Eminem.

MGK has stirred the pot once again, this time in a comment on YouTuber Scru Face Jean’s review of his latest track “BMXXing”. In the comment, MGK challenges the notion that Eminem was the clear victor in their past feud, sparking a fresh wave of controversy.

Scru Face Jean reviewed “BMXXing”, comparing the vibes to Mac Miller’s work. He acknowledged the Eminem beef, stating, “MGK really stood up and fought. There is a lot of people who were afraid to say something about Em, so I gotta respect him for that”. Scru ultimately crowned Eminem the winner, but acknowledged MGK put up a good fight.

MGK clearly isn’t on the same page. He responded to Scru’s clip, stating, “He didn’t win.” This fired up fans on both sides, with some backing MGK and others calling him delusional.

It seems like after his successful genre switch, MGK gained more confidence since he’s back to rapping and is ready to revisit history. He blamed his beef with Eminem and Em’s devastating “Killshot” diss for MGK’s low album sales and the reputation loss that ultimately pushed him out of the hip hop world. And here we are again.

The difference is that Eminem is not going to sit and read what people on the Internet talk about him. He is too busy rolling out his new album, “The Death of Slim Shady”. The one that just spawned a lead single that has crushed the charts in around 20 countries and sold more in its first week than all other songs in the Top 5.

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