Eminem 8 mile Fuck

Marshall shared a video edit to celebrate the incredible achievement of his legendary song.

Admittedly, it has been months since “Lose Yourself” hit 1 billion streams on Spotify. At the moment it counts 1,076,290,296 plays on the streaming platform. For some time it was the only song released in the 2000s that could surpass 1 billion streams, however, now another Eminem’s track “Till I Collapse” joined in. Probably, we’ll see Eminem celebrating it this summer.

Meanwhile, watch the edit, it looks good and cites some main achievements of “Lose Yourself”: thee first Eminem’s No.1 Billboard hit, an Oscar for the Best Original Song in 2003, MTV VMA for the Best Video From a Film, Grammies for the Best Rap Song and Best Male Rap in 2004:

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