Logic — “Homicide” feat. Eminem Certified 2xPlatinum in US

Logic is on the Vinyl Verse tour now, with Wiz Khalifa and the set of his new and old songs. But a bit of Eminem’s classic would never spoil a show.

During his recent set, Logic flexed his rapping prowess by spitting Shady’s sequence from the 1999 hit “Forgot About Dre”.

The choice of “Forgot About Dre” is not random. This song was one of Logic’s favourites when he just got into hip hop. Eminem was one of his role models, and this song was special, Logic said:

I used to record his songs from the radio onto a cassette and listen over and over because I was too poor to afford buying music. ‘Forgot About Dre’ was literally on side A and B of a tape I made

Little did he know that he would later bag an Eminem feature on his 2x Platinum track and rap this verse to massive venues day after day on his tour.

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