“What’s Poppin” star believes that the new generation underestimates Eminem, the rapper he wanted to be like when he first got into the rap scene.

He partly fulfilled his dream in one of recent SNL sketches, impersonating Slim Shady’s character in the new rendition of Em’s iconic video “Without Me”.

This question about Eminem came up on Pitchfork’s “Over/Under” episode with Jack Harlow. The young star who, not unlike Eminem, came to prominence from the battle rap background was decisive in his comment on how Marshall is rated nowadays:

These days? Underrated. Eminem’s catching a lot of slander from the new generation. I think they do not have the context of what he was. Truly an icon. When I was 9 through 13, that’s really who I wanted to be. I used to watch 8 Mile, and I’ll watch the scene of him in the warehouse and just get off. That movie and the freestyles at the end — I knew the lyrics to all of them. I love Eminem. And I don’t like the new slander. I don’t like that. It’s the new wave to slander him.

Watch the video below:

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