Annually, the international trade group IFPI publishes the Global Recording Artists of the Year list. The new ranking is just in.

The list has a peculiar segmentation. The top 3 consist of artists who topped trading at least twice: Taylor Swift (this year’s winner), Drake, and BTS. Then K-Pop groups change places with Western pop acts all the way down to No.11. Then Eminem opens a block of seven hip hop artists standing side by side. Imagine Dragons and The Beatles close the list.

Technically, Marshall didn’t make it into the Top 10 of the Global Recording Artist of 2022, while No.11 for an artist from the 1990’s, who has never stopped working to be fair, is not half bad. And yet, in his genre, Eminem follows only Drake, and can proudly claim to be the second best selling hip hop artist of 2022 globally.

Here is the IFPI Top 20 Global Recording Artists of 2022, published by Billboard:

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