The Shady Records newest signee Grip visited Sway’s studio to talk about his music career and the recent project.

Grip explained that the title of his recent EP “5 & A F*** You” can be read as a very innocent “6” and is called like that because it is his sixth project.

Sway started their conversation in the studio by praising Grip and mentioning that Eminem believed that the signing of Grip was probably the best signing Shady Records had ever made. An assessment like this would make any artist feel appreciated but also pressured. It is not easy to keep up with high expectations, but luckily, Marshall knows how to make his artists feel confident. Grip remembers how Eminem helped him to figure out a problem that felt confusing before signing to a big label:

We had our second phone conversation. I was asking what is it, I feel like everybody has to have some stick about him to be in this game. Because we’re essentially characters. As rappers, as musicians we’re selling more than the music, it’s a personality that comes with it. But he was just literally like, “Yo, bro just be yourself and that shit comes to you. If you find it, it just comes”. It could just be as random as whatever. A decision that you make on the whim then it’s just like oh, shit, that worked! So he was just like, “Man, you got it. You have it already”. So I just took that and I was like, man, if he tells me this shit, it’s different than your cousin telling you this shit. That was probably the most important shit that he said to me.

So, Sway wanted to know how it feels to be partners with the biggest selling rap artists of all time and what that means to Grip. The Atlanta artist already thinks big and his ambitions are not limited to financial success only:

I’ve got big shoes to fill. I want to set up a legacy for myself that can mimic it in some form, like the fan base and the record sales. But mostly just a legacy.

This is how you can recognise a big artist just from his attitude and ambitions. And also from his skills, which Grip demonstrated in the studio.

Watch Grip freestyling on the Sway in the Morning below: