Eminem just confirmed his new collab with Fortnite by releasing a teaser where he invites grandmas around the world to join him in a game as Tone Deaf plays in the background right in the middle where he says those nutty lyrics:

Bitch, I can make “orange” rhyme with “banana” (Yeah)
Eating pork rinds, sword fightin’ in pajamas
At the crib, playin’ Fortnite with your grandma

So there we have it folks, a Fortnite collab is definitely on and it is set to drop very soon, on December 2.

At the same time, a recent Fortnite leak revealed designs for two Eminem skins. It also promises a Big Bang Event, with Em taking center stage on December 2.

Pictures and screenshots keep being deleted from the internet. However, the stream of information is difficult to stop. Even Forbes has already published this story.

So, according to an unnamed source, Eminem will be getting a couple of different skins: Slim Shady and Marshall Never More (or Marshall MAGMA), each with two distinct styles.

It’s not all, though. There are rumours that Eminem will perform at the next “BIG BANG” Fortnite event. Since the Ariana Grande event in 2021, the Epic has presented to the public the concerts of such stars as Travis Scott, Diplo, Young Thug, and Marshmello. Now, it is Eminem’s turn.

As HYPEX, an account that posts reliable Epic leaks and insider’s info, this event is expected to be the biggest one to date

It is assumed that the Marshall MAGMA variant will be available for those who attend the concert.

However, there is no confirmation that it will be Em’s solo event. He might be just one part of a more extensive production.

Meanwhile, as exciting news as it is on its own, such an activity might implicate bigger moves behind the scenes. Em’s previous collab with Fortnite, his in-game radio station, preceded the “Curtain Call 2” release in 2022. What if this collaboration is supposed to present more than just a nostalgic Slim Shady playlist but new music from Eminem?

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