DJ Khaled can barely contain himself showing a rare Jordan collaboration with Eminem.

He made two posts about a new toy on his Instagram, caressing a pair of shoes. Of course, not just any shoes, but Jordan 4s.

The Eminem x Air Jordan 4 Retro series was initially released in 2005 and then re-released in 2017 as a part of the “Revival” collection. Only 23 pairs were made. One pair Eminem gave out to somebody and another one he provided for a charity auction:

The rarity and uniqueness of this collab made it highly valuable and highly sought after. At the moment its auction price on one of the biggest marketplaces is marked over $39,000. In case anybody makes them available.

So you can only imagine how much DJ Khaled paid for his pair. Still, he looks like the happiest man on earth right now:

Of course, the chances that Em will gift Khaled a box have always been slim. Fat Joe got from Marshall a pair of custom-made Air Jordan 3s, from the mysteriously rare series Eminem wore at the Super Bowl Halftime Show in 2022. But Fat Joe can proudly call himself Marshall’s friend. For DJ Khaled money was the only option. Similar to what he had to do to get Em on the album when Khaled found a way to get his hands on Eminem’s verse for “Use this Gospel (Remix)” produced by Dr. Dre.

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