One of the brightest young rap talents who has two joints with Eminem shares his feelings about working with people who inspired his music and lists the names.

Cordae stopped at the Spout Podcast before his show in Portland and catted about friendships, music, his designer streak, and, of course, about collaborating with other artists. He has never paid for a feature, says Cordae, but he is always grateful when things come together and he can work with legends:

I remember when I was at Dr. Dre’s house a couple years ago I had like, yo, let me use the bathroom real quick. Literally had to just thank God. Like, thank you, God. Really relishing in the moment. It’s the same with Eminem. I posted it a couple months ago, I was like, yo, I really got a song with Eminem. Crazy. 10 year old me, having an iPod or I think this is even before the iPod days, before I even had an iPod. It was the MP3 where you downloaded off LimeWire to your computer from your computer to the MP3. “The Marshall Mathers LP”, “Slim Shady LP”, the “Infinite” album — I was listening to him. And [now] I’ve got Eminem on a song, and he gassed on it! I got a platinum song with Em. It’s a blessing.

Talking about rappers who have shaped him as an artist, Cordae started with a confident Top 5 but then couldn’t stop adding new names stretching it up to a generous Top 8:

People who influenced me the most musically will be Kanye West, Jay-Z, Nas, Eminem, J. Cole. And Big L. Big L’s rhyme scheme just ridiculous, just ridiculous. Oh, and Kendrick. So, it’s seven. And then you throw in the eight for Stevie Wonder. Just for my influences. Usher has a huge influence on me.

Watch the video below:

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