Amid another wave of hip hop veterans standing up for Eminem, Public Enemy’s Chuck D shares a clip from his hip hop documentary where Eminem talks about the impact the culture had on him.

This recent cycle was initiated by Dr Umar, who declared that Eminem could not be in any Top 5 because of his race. Otherwise, it’s white supremacy. Many, many hip hop giants took Marshall’s side pointing out how fundamental his contribution to the culture is. It didn’t help as Dr. Umar continued blabbering nonsense. His stance is that hip hop, in general, is a white supremacy tool. It’s understandable. This self-proclaimed thinker enjoys the peak of attention right now.

Meanwhile, Chuck D shared a segment with Eminem from Chuck D’s documentary about hip hop, “Fight the Power”, on his Instagram page. It shows Marshall saying:

When I was watching as a kid, you’d see MTV raps, and you’d see somebody in the interview saying, “This is we’re basically reporting to you what’s happening on the streets where we live”. My education is from hip hop, honestly, because I look to rappers to know what’s going on. It just felt like rappers, certain rappers, were talking to me.

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