Black Moon’s founding member joined the line of hip-hop legends giving props to Marshall.

The latest iteration of Benzinos’ drama has prompted a new wave of negativity towards Eminem, propelled by Bennzino’s dramatics. However, more and more rappers from all generations come out to show Marshall their respect and support.

One of the recent displays of solidarity was shown by New York rapper Buckshot. He has forever put his name in hip hop history books because of Black Moon’s debut 1993 album “Enta da Stage” and his other endeavours. Eminem mentioned Buckshot in his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction speech dedicated to rappers who inspired him and taught him the craft.

Now, Buckshot shouts back, saying on his social media account:

You know why Eminem said my name first in the rock n roll hall of fame thank you? It’s because real heads respect how you helped them and he helped me by staying him!

Buckshot Pays Eminem Respect for Hall of Fame Shout Out

By the way, Buckshot and Eminem have a joint together, “Don’t Front”. It finally made it to streaming services when Shady Records put it on “The Marshall Mathers LP2” 20th Anniversary Expanded Edition last year. Initially, the song was a bonus for fans who bought “The Marshall Mathers LP 2” and Call Of Duty: Ghosts as a bundle pack through Gamestop and entered a discount code to retrieve it. The song’s instrumentals are a loop of the open bars from the Black Moon’s 1993 classic “I Got Cha Opin”. So, to have Buckshot on the hook was a sign of respect and continuity.

Listen to Eminem — “Don’t Front” feat. Buckshot below:

Eminem and Buckshot

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