A rapper with a medical degree stands by Eminem’s side and represents Detroit, slashing through new layers of Benzino’s clout.

There was never any doubt about whose side Lazarus was on. He is firmly associated with Detroit, worked with so many artists from the Shady camp, and has never shown anything but respect to Eminem. Just recently, talking with Mr. Porter, they discussed how some figures show disrespect towards Em to fuel their own popularity. They didn’t name names so as not to fuel the fire, but it was obvious who they were talking about.

But the latest Benzino goofs became the last straw, and Lazarus snapped.

HipHopDX shared photos and a video on socials, showing Benzino fooling around at Mom’s Spaghetti restaurant in Detroit.

Throwing fingers at the restaurant sign and courageously making an order under his stage name, Benzino probably had some point to prove, but exactly what remains unclear. It looked more like a cat angrily pissing on the doormat. One good thing came out of it, however. Lazarus recorded a grumpy and lyrically eviscerating freestyle.

He chose a beat from Nas’s “Ether,” arguably the meanest diss ever recorded. And it has certainly added damage to the whole track. Laz didn’t even have to sit down to write his lines; he was spitting rhymes from the top of his head, and the result was more powerful than whatever Benzino’s ghostwriters came up with collectively after several days of hard work.

Listen to the track below:

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