I guess, we are in for the final chapter in Benzino and Eminem’s long-running feud. I mean, they probably won’t be dissing each other when they’re 70, right?

Their confrontation began in the 2000’s when The Source gave Marshall Mathers LP and The Eminem Show four mics out of five. Detroit’s finest rapper felt the ranking was unfair and publicly voiced his opinion. Benzino, in the meantime, went as far as never promoting any of Eminem’s albums and released diss tracks aimed at the Mom’s Spaghetti brand owner.

Now, fast-forward to our times, Benzino has released a new diss track titled “Vulturius” as retaliation to Eminem’s Doomsday Pt. 2.

The song borrows JAY-Z’s “Where I’m From” beat and features Benzino taunting Eminem over Proof’s death and drug addiction. The lyrics are razor sharp and cutting deep, starting off with lines that criticize Eminem’s recent rivalry with hip-hop veterans:

Cracker on crack who rap But hate Black and it shows
Invade our culture then insult us Time you get exposed

Benzino also mocks Eminem’s lack of manhood and capability to avenge the death of late friend and fellow D12 rapper Proof:

You a punk, plan my funeral? Please, you shoot who?
Square ain’t even go circle the block for Proof.

Benzino goes deep as he addresses his relationship with daughter Coi Leray and says she allowed “the industry” to divide them. An interesting feat of using that as a battle-rap tool against Eminem:

And the truth, my daughter had a life that I never had
I’m prob’ly more Boston George than America’s Dad
But I provide it, food, clothes, gifts kept you excited
Now you let the industry really lynch, keep us divided
But back when I got indicted in and out of court fightin’
You was in a pretty home with something foreign to ride in
Of course I tell you hate your father he could never find his

Benzino closes out the track by mocking Em’s appearance and raising questions about his sexuality:

Trailer park swine bitch,
shit, you’re miserable and you’re alone
And we think that they cloned you You look weird,
don’t care how much Just For Men they put on you
Never seen with a girl, never seen with a bitch
But got a song ‘What If I Was Gay’ with Joyner Lucas.

Overall, the diss is clearly done on a greater level compared to Benzino’s previous attempts. It’s nowhere near the feat achieved by MGK, but even some of the die-hard Stans appreciate Benzino’s punches on this record.

What do you think, will this Eminem diss merit a response from the Rap God? Are we in for a verbal face-off in multiple rounds, similar to a boxing match Benzino craves so much?

Benzino – Vulturius (Eminem Diss)
byu/EminemPro inePro

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