Earlier this year, it was reported that Eminem is “100 per cent in negotiations” to tour Australia, but with no indication that it would be a stadium show.

Marshall was previously rumored to be coming to Australia for a tour in 2023, but next year is looking more likely according to several sources.

Now these sources have a name and a face of Eminem’s Australian tour promoter Paul Dainty, who is actively involved in these negotiations. Dainty has ambitious plans, aiming to convince the hip hop star to do stadium shows in 2024. Speaking to the Herald Sun’s Page 13, Dainty mentioned, “Nothing is locked in, there are no dates or venues yet, but we’re hoping. We are in talks”.

According to radio host Mark ‘Roo’ Ricciuto, the tour is not a done deal yet but talks are happening. Speaking on his radio show, Mark revealed inside information, stating that a source told him the tour will happen early to mid-next year, after claims that Slim Shady would make it to Aussie shores at the end of 2023. “They’re 100 per cent in negotiations… but it’s not done yet. Ticketek are involved and Adelaide Oval”, Mark said. He further clarified that the tour’s timing wouldn’t be in 2023, but rather between the Adelaide Oval Test match against the West Indies and Round 1 of the football. This places the concert dates somewhere between late January 2024 and mid-March 2024.

The anticipation for Eminem’s tour is building, and if the negotiations successfully come to fruition, it will undoubtedly be a highly anticipated event for his Australian fans. And fans across the world, we should add. Stans flew in from everythere to see his previous Australian shows in 2019, and now, after the years of Em’s stage absence, the demand to see him will be even higher.

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