Marshall Mathers Foundation made a sizable donation to help musicians struggling because of the pandemic.

The local entertainment industry was hit hard in Detroit, but local artists and musicians find new ways to present their art to the public and make their living.

Oakland County’s summer festival Arts, Beats & Eats was cancelled this year but instead of a big fair, it transformed into a series of smaller events aimed at supporting local acts. Detroit Free Press reported recently on its success in raising over $400,000 through fundraising and safely organised shows.

The biggest contribution, half of the total sum came from Oakland County via CARES Act funding. $83,000 more was raised through donations to the Arts, Beats & Eats Musicians Fund. This included $25,000 that Marshall Mathers Foundation quietly donated to their GoFundMe page.

That money will be redirected to 247 local artists and bands whose pre-pandemic income came mostly from music work.

This is not the first Eminem’s action in support of those artists who cannot make their living because of the restrictions on live music events. This Spring he offered support to 500 Detroit artists with his programme Love Your DJ, in November he teamed up with educational charity Downtown Boxing Gym again to raise money for their needs, he continuously supports frontline workers.

How many good deeds Marshall and his foundation make fly under the radar and remain unreported – we will never now.

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