Eminem Hints Album/Single Drop Date? For His Last Trick?

Eminem put on a rabbit avatar on X (Twitter) and posted a clip of his DMs where he cryptically announces: “And for my last trick!” dated 31st of May.

Things are getting cryptic in Shady’s world. Eminem recently sent fans into a spiral with a series of mysterious online moves.

First, Em switched up his profile pictures on both Twitter and Instagram, sporting a deceptively cartoonish rabbit avatar. Is this a playful reference to his “Rabbit Run” days? Or something more symbolic?

Eminem Hints Album/Single Drop Date? For His Last Trick?

Next, he posted a short clip on his socials showcasing his DMs. In it, we see a cryptic message, “And for my last trick!” disappearing into nothing. This is also a message from the future, as it is dated May 31. Is Em planning a grand finale of sorts? A new single? An album drop? A tour announcement? Any of these possibilities are welcome.

Without a doubt, now, Eminem has everybody’s full attention. Whether he is pulling a rabbit out of a metaphorical top hat or disappearing into a puff of smoke (hopefully not!), we’re ready to follow him down the rabbit hole (or, should we say, B-Rabbit hole?).

Stay tuned because on May 31, something big is about to happen.

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