One day at a time for 14 years, Marshall has been staying clean and sober and inspiring others to follow this route.

The story of Marshall overcoming this addiction is well documented, both in media and, most importantly, in his own songs. He pulled himself back from the void after doctors had pulled him back from literal clinical death.

Eminem learned to live again, learned to write and rap again. He thought he would never be the same, some critics sneered that he would never be as good as he was under the influence. And still, among his top 10 most streamed songs on Spotify, six are written and recorded in sobriety. Eminem breaks records, releases albums, performs in front of hundreds of thousands, and first of all — he lives, lives to the fullest.

Many of his friends followed his lead and live a sober life now. Mr. Porter, Royce da 5’9, KXNG Crooked – all show that they do not need chemical stimulation to be creatively productive and successful. And it gives hope to many, many people struggling with addiction.

Marshall used to share his AA anniversary chips on his social media accounts, marking another year of sobriety.

He didn’t do it in 2021, and, considering how increasingly private he’s getting over the years, he might not do it in 2022. But we remember, the fans remember, and it is a good day to cheer for him and all others who keep their mind clear. They are not afraid.

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