In three months since May 2023 Eminem has expanded his Spotify following by five million new users and moved one step up on the rating of the most followed artists on the platform.

There are more changes in this Top 10 since our previous report. BTS dropped out completely, letting The Weeknd in, Taylor Swift has gained 9 million new followers and overtook Drake, Billie Eilish switched places with Arijit Singh.

Still for Em’s fans the most important thing is that we have more new people joined his audience, proving that the Eminem music remains relevant and stays in high demand.

Most followed artists on Spotify:

1. Ed Sheeran — 114,216,598
2. Ariana Grande — 92,782,473
3. Arijit Singh — 85,996,564
4. Billie Eilish — 84,449,074
5. Taylor Swift — 82,617,872
6. Drake — 78,317,870
7. Eminem — 75,032,716
8. Justin Bieber — 73,718,935
9. Bad Bunny — 72,748,639
10. The Weeknd — 69,538,892

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